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Welcome to our site!

Our Philosphy :

To  strive  for  the  highest  standard  of  service  possible, and, in  all  respects, to  act  with  integrity and  professionalism.

Who we are :

Originally known by the industry as ‘Gearbox and Diff Centre’, part of the process in defining and maintaining our identity within the industry has included operating our company under the new name of ‘Recon Gearbox & Diff Centre’. We differ and stand apart from other suppliers in that we streamline our business to suit our clients, evolving our knowledge and expertise to meet with manufacturer’s developments & requirements.

Best Service, Best Guarantee, Free Testing, Free Towing (TCA), Free Diagnosis, Providing a reliable quality service at realistic prices

We have the capacity to service the immediate Gauteng area, the industry nationally within the republic and across the borders, and have a 24hr emergency breakdown team on call. Proud to be an entity rated with BBBEE certification : 'Level 2 Contributor - 125% Procurement Recognition Level'.

Our ‘Remanufacture Program’ with internal specialized departments handling the chassis removal, the stripping, the clearing, inspection and re-assembly, with each section operating as an independent cost centre within the company, has within the industry been revolutionary and to date no other facility goes the remanufacture route to this level.

Historically our experience, expertise and knowledge has been sought after and recognized by the major role players in the industry, we are proud to have been associated with the Automotive Association of SA, SABS & having assisted many other major manufacturer’s with various programs including for ZF, Toyota, Hyundai, and the RMI

The Principle of our company, Andy Scott, is often called on by the MIF and other transmissions repair facilities and dealerships on technical issues and/or arbitrations, and as an ‘expert witness’ in court actions, has participated on radio program as an expert in his field, and his extensive and holistic knowledge and experience in the field, offers obvious benefit to our clients and in problem solving in the scope of work that we undertake.

In our commercial (truck) division: we are able to comply with OEM specifications and requirements for large fleet owners and dealerships.

Our manual and automatic gearbox division: is committed to maintaining high standards of work, with in-house knowledge and expertise to cover a full range of modern as well as classic vehicles, trucks, 4x4’s etc.. and is equipped with electronic dyno test equipment

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We actively participate in training both internally and via external training programs for all levels of staff, thus enhancing the upliftment of people within our industry and in turn, servicing our clients with the highest level of quality and service and in keeping abreast of developments within our industry.

We service the gearbox and diff requirement needs of aftermarket for many major vehicle manufacturer’s both at factory and dealership level. Well known amongst service advisors we are used on a daily basis for aftermarket factory warranty and extended warranty requirements

WE ARE PROUD TO BE CELEBRATING OVER 33 YEARS OF HAVING SERVED THE INDUSTRY Based at our premises located at 103B Terrace Road Sebenza Edenvale. (Previously located at 16 Lang Street, Judith’s Paarl, Johannesburg)

We thank and pay tribute to our valued clients who have given us their support and placed their confidence in us over the years. View Google Map ... click here ...

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